My Sketchbook! And My Blog Direction

June 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

I love getting new sketchbooks! Mainly because I get to be creative with it and this time I created something that I think will match my blog very well.


The first picture is the cover of my sketchbook with a Fashion croquis and my Leopard Print and Burgundy heart logo. The second picture is the front page that I made using a sharpie ink pen, and under it is the quote “I see fashion as the most detailed mirror, providing the most accurate, honest reflection of human life” which I actually wrote in Elvish from Lord of The Rings. Finally, the back cover which is just covered in Leopard Prints and Burgundy!

The reason why I wanted to show my sketchbook was because I am starting to get back into doing Fashion illustrations and graphic designs and I thought that my blog would make a great way for me to show my designs. I also want to talk about my blog direction. I feel like writing a post would be better than an ‘About’ page since — if you’ve ever tried writing an ‘About’ page — it is the hardest thing ever! So just to clarify a few things, I want my personal blog to become a reflection of me and of course Fashion is a huge part of being me, in fact I think if for some impossible reason that Fashion didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t either. With that being said my blog will be all about FASHION . . . well not entirely of course, because I have other passions like skincare and Broadway musicals so there may be some post besides Fashion.

I hope this clarifies some things since my ‘About’ page is kinda confusing.